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Because of Legend, I got to live in London for two years. If that were my only reason for loving the whole four-year experience, it would be enough. But there was so much more. I’ve pretty much had my say on the subject in an introduction I wrote for Harvest Moon Publishing’s online publication of the scripts (both “Legend of Darkness,” my first draft and the final shooting script of Legend,) and in J.M. Kenny’s documentary, “Creating a Myth,” on the Ultimate Edition DVD.

To see some of my behind-the-scenes snapshots of the making of Legend, click here.

Ridley Scott & Tim Curry commentary from LEGEND

Legend was released with three versions, the European in 1985, the American in 1986 and the Ultimate Director’s Cut in 2002.

There is a great site LEGEND FAQ site built by Sean Murphy and Geoff Wright you can check out for more details.