Legend – behind the scenes

Ridley Scott in his office on Duke Street (London, 1982)

L to R: Betty Adamson (wardrobe supervisor), Arnon Milchan (producer), Charles Knode (costume designer), with models in the costume department

In my office at Heath Farm (Pinewood Studios)

Alice Playten (Blix) grabbing a quick lunch halfway through make-up

L to R: Cork Hubbert (Brown Tom), Billy Barty (Screwball), David Bennent (Gump)
and Tom Cruise (Jack) at a script rehearsal, Pinewood Studios.
Production designer, Assheton Gorton (with rotting corpses).
Blix stand-in and Mia Sara (Lili) on the forest set. Mia wasn’t working that day. The set was
unheated and thus very cold. Stand-in has wrapped herself in a thermal blanket for warmth.
One of the beautiful Andalusian stallions that played the part of the unicorn. Even the unicorn mare was portrayed by a smaller stallion, as the mares of that breed are gray, not pure white. Peter O’Farrell (Pox) enjoying a cigarette break in costume while being prepared for a scene.
One of the gifted sculptors at work on a model of the fireplace for Darkness. Sculptor at work, heat-carving huge blocks of polystyrene into a fieze
for the Palace of Darkness. This would later be plastered and painted.
Art department; model of Grand Portal for Darkness, along with production sketches.
Forest set under construction (giant plaster tree trunks). Giant plaster tree (w/ framework) for forest set. Early stage of cliff above pond (forest set) under construction.
Forest set under construction. (Martin Asbury in background for scale.) Martin Asbury waving on nearly-completed forest set. Note hanging grow lights. Many of the hundreds of plants were alive, whereas all of the leaves were silk, wired individually by the thousands to the tree limbs. Properties department; dead meat in preparation.
Blix summoning Darkness under the Ancient Horn in the Great Tree. Ridley Scott at work, filming the scene where Lili first meets Jack in the forest. Filming a scene in the forest. (Mia Sara and Blix stand-in watching in foreground.)
Meeting room prepared for a story conference at Pinewood.
(Storyboard artist, Martin Asbury, standing beside his work on bulletin board.)
The screenwriter outside the entrance to Heath Farm. 007 Stage after the fire (1984). Forest set was totally destroyed.